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Behind the Blog

This will be a "get to know me" blog post because a short introduction isn't always enough. I won't repeat myself on what I wrote on my home page, don't worry! By now, you know I started my photography journey because of our daughter, but what do I enjoy doing other than taking photos?

Being in the kitchen cooking and baking makes my heart happy, especially when it is too cold to go outside. My husband and daughter also enjoy cooking, which has helped create some of my favorite memories. I also enjoy it more when I am not asked twenty times, "What's for dinner?" does anyone else relate?

I love reading, escaping into a book, getting hooked on the characters, and waiting to see what comes next. Austin has to sometimes force me to put my book down at night and go to bed. My favorite genres are fantasy and mystery/thrillers. Currently counting down the days until Iron Flame is released. My daughter also loves to read; anything about animals or adventure is right up her alley.

I have discovered a love for gardening in the last couple of years. I always believed I didn't have a "green thumb," but it wasn't that. Honestly, I just lacked the patience to keep trying. Once I worked on my patience, I realized how therapeutic it is. We have plans to expand our garden and add a greenhouse within the next year or two!

Lastly, I love being with my family, friends, and animals. I don't think I need to elaborate on how great all three are; life would be boring without them.

Here are some family photos to put faces to names! Taken by timeless memories photography.

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