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Making a New

I felt that it was time to renew my business, my wants and desires have changed so why shouldn't my business as well. A new logo, color schemes, and website is a good start. Don't worry I am still in the business of creating lasting memories in the form of photographs, just a slight shift is all.

I have had so many people reach out to me about photographs, mini sessions, etc. I didn't realize how many people were confused on what I offer. Hopefully this blog post will help. I'm a lifestyle photographer, so many fit into that category: families, couples, individuals, businesses, animals, you get the point. All year long I offer these types of sessions whether it be an hour long or a half hour session. These sessions can be customized to fit your wants such as a certain theme. I've had requests for picnics, cottage feel, paint fight, or simply adding animals in the pictures too. I am happy to accommodate and create a setup for you! Throughout the year though I come up with my own set ups and run special deals for pictures with that set up (4th of July or Christmas for example).

I also offer a business package; this package helps clients showcase their work. This varies from business to business. Some clients only need headshots while others want to show the behind the scenes. For that reason, it is best to just send me a message and we can figure out details!

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