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Patch of Heaven

Updated: Aug 17

Our patch of heaven didn't start out as such, when Austin and I got married we had lived in a trailer house in a field. Behind our house were dense woods, by the pond there were even more woods, and the road was lined with cedar trees. After we officially got our land, we went to work clearing trees and making a pad for our future home. It took several years for the place to look decent and even longer to look great. I am a very impatient person, ask my mother, so through this whole process I feel like the Lord was trying to work on my endurance and patience. I am still impatient just not as bad!

Once we got the woods cleared and pad made, we began working on our home. It took a little over a year, but we finally have our dream home and enjoy every minute in it. Austin and I have always wanted a homestead to raise our children on. That is the end goal in all of our work, to glorify God in what we do, to raise our children in the country surrounded by animals and being able to raise and produce our own food (for the most part). Everything in the world is rushed now, people are always on the go without slowing down. We don't want that; we want to go back to doing things with a purpose, slowing down to enjoy moments spent with loved ones. Being able to sit in the mornings with a cup of coffee listening to Evelyn laugh while playing with her dog.

We have only been in our home less than two years but have made so much progress. Austin and I built our little garden, have chickens, dogs, been stocking the pond, and recently added two goats. Currently we are working on getting the property all fenced in, Austins shop built, and getting my photography studio finished. There will always be something to work on around here, we don't mind though. We call our place patch of heaven as it truly has become that to us. I am excited to see what the next several years hold for us.

Trying to find photos of how the place looked before, I realize how terrible I am at taking before pictures! I found old photos of my family with the property in the background, just use your imagination!

You couldn't even get behind the pond because it was so wooded.

The trailer house we used to live in. Austin and Evelyn playing airplanes (Austins is apparently crashing or something. Its a terrible airplane)

You can see in the background where the woods began, it's now where our house is.

Work on the pond dam, you can see a ton of trees were removed so it can be used as a pasture.

I need recent updated pictures of the house but love the snow.

Some of our little garden earlier this year.

Now you get to the part with all our animals, I had to add them!

Our little goats, Djali and Lupe. Will help eat any poison ivy where the pasture will be.

Ice (Evelyns Dog) and Silas

Silas and Ollie AKA, The Idiot King (hes getting old and loosing his mind... but we still love him)

I'll throw in a pic of us too just for the fun of it! A pic of us on vacation last year.

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